The conversion of the control electronics to ISOBUS offers numerous advantages.

Your customers will certainly appreciate not having to install another controller in the tractor cab.
Furthermore you can present your company as well as the machine functions on the ISOBUS display appealing and you save the cost of the display electronics.

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The KaPia-ISOBUS-software offers you the opportunity to modernize your product range in a simple manner.
Therefore different software functions are implemented which do for you without any prior programming knowledge.

  • The embedded diagnostic tools enables the verification of the hard- and software, whether at the customer, in a field test or during production.
  • The automatic display scaling adapts to each ISOBUS terminal and so only one graphical userinterface is needed for each machine.
  • The hardware simulation allows the verification of softwarecomponents without beeing connected to the electronics.
  • The external API is a graphical modeling language. This allows rapid prototype creation even in field use.